Future Education Forum (FEF) offers open resources for anyone who is interested in new ways of learning. FEF has been designed, especially based on the heated discussions of Finnish education; it welcomes fusions of ideas and technological inspirations. You will hear pioneering ideas from Finnish education experts, experience Finnish education by visiting kindergartens and schools, and observe Finnish teaching methods and learning environment. It also provides great opportunities for networking and sharing ideas for edu-tech professionals and entrepreneurs. FEF aims to present a new world of education that is visible and accessible for every participant.

You will learn:

  • Systematic understanding of Finnish education;

  • “Phenomenal learning” in Finnish curriculum reform and its further application;

  • Applications of research in Finnish schools and optimization of student quality during admission process;

  • Most pioneering innovation in Finnish education


You will experience:

  • Teaching in Finnish kindergartens, elementary schools and upper schools, i.e. inclusive education, student-centred teaching in practice, and integrated education;

  • Simple but advanced learning environment in Finland;

  • Face-to-face communication with experienced teachers and Chinese-Finnish education experts through five workshops



Future Education Forum 2018

Revolutions of Learning Methods



Finnish Education Learning & Development Centre

City of Tampere

Tampere City Council, Finland

Finnish Education Learning & Development Centre (EduCentre) is established in 2018 by Mrs. Jin Muranen. Its mission is to present the most pioneering Finnish education concepts, reformation, pedagogy and technology to its Chinese audiences; to initiate discussions, and to promote communication and sustainable development between China and Finland. Services of EduCentre include: Annual Future Education Forum (FEF), tailor-made thematic trainings and camps, early childhood and preschool education system development and career counselling program.



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