If you are:

interested in Chinese and Finnish culture and education;

interested in sharing your ideas and making friends with our Chinese customers;

fluent in Chinese and English, or Chinese and Finnish;

willing to contribute to improving the ecosystem of Chinese and Finnish education,

You are welcome to join us!


Volunteers will receive:

Free entrance for the forum, hearing the most pioneering ideas about education;

First-hand experience meeting with Chinese innovators and executive educators;

Volunteer certificate awarded by the City of Tampere and Finnish Education Learning and Development Centre;

Stipends based on his/her time consumption.



More and more investors place dice on Finnish education. Future Education Forum will present the most pioneering education concepts and technology to the world. Any of our participants could be the next person who change the world.


If you want to share your creative ideas on education with more audiences, please join the game with our thinkers and education professionals. Let your ideas spark and your knowledge expand!


We are looking for partners who:

have strong executive ability;

are interested in Finnish education and the improvement of Chinese education system;

understand and deeply connected with both China and Finland.

Join us and let us draw our own trace on the history of Chinese and Finnish education.

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